Perhaps it was destiny, or just in the genes. My mother was a sales rep for a Korean cosmetics line with an amazing makeup kit. As a youngster, I couldn’t stay away from her makeup. I was always in her kit playing with the colors and textures. After growing into an adult and working as a music teacher, I craved a visually creative channel and decided to enroll in the full time makeup diploma program at Blanche MacDonald Institute of Design. Makeup school was so exciting and felt very natural for me. I couldn’t wait to volunteer every chance I had in fashion, TV (Rogers Cable) and with cosmetic companies (Urban decay, Versace).   My desire to build my own quality makeup kit led me to work in cosmetics at Holt Renfrew (Calvin Klein, Laura Mercier). At the same time, many of my friends were starting to get married, and thus my weekends started to book up with bridal work. My bookings came from referrals and they just kept coming.


I feel blessed to work in an industry I love with amazing clients, photographers, and stylists. My signature style has been described as fresh and classic- perfect for timeless photos. My design starts with highlighting one’s best features and enhancing natural beauty. From soft to dramatic, it is all about how you want to present yourself to the world.

Teaching makeup and hair styling is also a specialty of mine. Did you ever want to learn what you can do with all of those products you purchased or just create a new look for yourself? How about perfecting the wing on your eyeliner, or applying false lashes? I offer two-hour, specially tailored, “hands-on” private lessons (solo or corporate) for beginners and aspiring professional artists.

Just as thankful as I am for the wonderful people I get to work with, my clients are always thanking me for fulfilling their beauty needs in an organized, professional and stress-free manner. I achieve this by making sure that my kit is completely hygienic, schedules are met and a mini touch-up kit is provided for the bride. Besides feeling radiant, my client feels confident that every detail is going according to plan.


I am a mom and a wife. I love people and good stories. Sometimes I’m ruled by my stomach, and good classical music will make me cry. I love beautiful things and always enjoy the little details that make something special.